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 Bigo live Chat Software
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One of the issues that Bigo live broadcasters are most curious about is to increase the audience in their broadcasts and move to the front ranks. What would happen if he moved to the front rows? I know you brought the question to your mind. The answer to this is that the more active users, ie the audience, in the chat, they contribute to the ranking by increasing the value of the publisher. Bigo live is sending a bot to the person who is already broadcasting. What will it do? If we inquire, the bots that the bigo live comment bot sends to the bigo live chatroom are passively present to wait without typing any words. Normally, when those bots are removed, a maximum of 10 or 15 active users are seen in all broadcasts in the sub-segment. What does the bigo live comment bot do in this article? we will give information about

Bigo live Chat Software

The Bigo live comment bot briefly repeats the normal mouse and keyboard movements with artificial human intelligence. The program is based on full automation. It does not pose any problem. When you copy the bigo live url address of the broadcaster you want and paste it into the txt file and start the program, these bots go to the broadcaster room in turn and start typing the comments you wrote in the txt file in order. They do not drop from the broadcast because they re-write the comments in a loop and activate them. You can set a certain period of time to the program, and you can send seconds between seconds. Bigo live chat bot provides you a lot of convenience and helps you increase your broadcast audience and get to the front lines.

If you want to buy software, you can write on whatsapp.

Bigo live bot unlimited license will be sold

It is the only bigolive software that has been running smoothly for two years.

software price 80 usd

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With this software, you will be able to complete your monthly broadcast hour quota. You will be able to use unlimited on computers and servers. After the software is purchased, anydesk is contacted and the software is delivered in working condition. The software runs in the background and does not occupy the computer.


You can increase the number of viewers by adding a proxy to the software. It keeps separate data for each browser. Proxy login is enough

There are those who say they want an application with mobile login on Whatsapp. Mobile application development price+proxy+comment+viewer will be 1800$. Apk file is delivered by encoding one by one. We do not reproduce or sell the software. We do not want to develop mobile applications to avoid unnecessary server costs. Only those who want special software can choose.To count views, simply apply what’s written in the file.





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